Hi 🙂  I’m Esther, and I love helping unconventional entrepreneurs improve their visuals, so they feel proud to show up online.

You like to do things your own way… Am I right? Maybe you’re a bit of a rebel 😉

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I believe that our brand should express not only what our business is about, but also who we are and what we stand for; it should reflect our unique expression of our authentic selves.

To build a strong brand, it needs to have a strong foundation. You may have a logo and colour palette, and even some brand guidelines in place, which is wonderful! But something is missing… if only you knew what it was!

You want people to know it’s you when they see your logo or colours, whether they are on your website, or Facebook, or any other social media platform. And you want them to remember you – for all the right reasons! 

Maybe what you need is a more solid and cohesive brand.

Why is this important? Because it will be the difference between being recommended and being forgotten. When someone asks for recommendations, you want to be the first person that comes to mind – and for that, you have to be findable, recognisable, memorable, and consistent.

Here’s how I help my clients achieve exactly that – perhaps I can help you, too?

Work with me

Intuitive Brand Assessment

Have you outgrown your brand? Or perhaps something isn’t feeling quite right but you don’t know why? Let’s see if I can help you figure out what’s going on.

‘Expand Your Brand’
VIP Package

You are rocking your biz, and it’s time to get some solid help in place! If you’re ready to work with a dedicated and experienced designer who looks after all things visual for you, I’m here to help.

Custom Book Design

Want some help bringing your book to life and making it uniquely yours? Whether you want a print book, ebook, cover, or the whole package, this custom book design service is for you.

What clients say about working with Zesty (I like to call these ‘zestimonials’ 😉 )

Jacquelyn Atkins
Jacquelyn Atkins
Life Alchemist

“Esther has created a wonderful make-over of my brand, bringing it more into alignment with me and the energy of my business…
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Ruth Toledo Altschuler
Ruth Toledo Altschuler
Flower Essence Practitioner

“Thank you for the most excellent Brand Integrity session. It has inspired me, helping me see the strengths of what I have…
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Fiona Moore
Fiona Moore
Health and Wellbeing Mentor

“For the longest time I didn’t ‘get’ what branding was all about and lived under the impression I didn’t have a ‘brand’…
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Curious to see if I can help you build a more memorable and recognisable brand?

Let’s have a virtual chat with a real cuppa. That’s English for ‘cup of tea’ 🙂 (You can have coffee if you like, of course!)