“Working with Esther was fun, easy and inspiring!  She walked us through each step of the branding process with such ease.  She is very attentive and responsive.  Do not hesitate to hire her, she is brilliant!”
Laurel Inman
Laurel InmanFounder of The Institute for Integrative Coach Training
“I loved working with Esther! What I loved most about our Live Design session is that she trusted me and my idea. I’d reached out to a few others regarding this project, and got the sense that I would need to sign on for a long and involved process to discover my brand. I respect that perspective, but I just needed something to get started. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. Esther understood! She was able to take the idea, clean it up and make it pretty.
I left the session with multiple images to use on social media and more. She is a great listener! Flexible, easy to work with, and with a great eye. Live Design saved me what would have been hours and hours of putzing on my own–and gave me a better result–because Esther knows what she is doing!”
Christine Renner
Christine RennerFounder at Body Image Legacy
“Esther really knows her stuff. She was able to peruse my website and social media accounts and tell me exactly what I need to do to make my branding more appealing and uniform. She provided me with new ideas that helped to stimulate my creative juices. And when we were done with our consultation, she sent me a thorough report of all of her recommendations.
I now feel confident, with report in hand, to move forward with improving my branding. And if I get stuck, I know that I can count on Esther to take over and make it right.”
Sandy Ratcliffe Freschi
Sandy Ratcliffe FreschiHuman Design Specialist at sandyfreschi.com
“For the longest time I didn’t ‘get’ what branding was all about and lived under the impression I didn’t have a ‘brand’.
Esther broke down the whole mystery of a ‘brand’ with such clarity and simplicity that I had a big ‘aha’.
She helped me understand, and for the first time appreciate, the branding elements of my website. Which means I have this understanding to consiously tweak my site and keep my branding intact. Loved our conversation!”
Fiona Moore
Fiona MooreHealth and Wellbeing Consultant, Mentor, Coach at fionamoore.com
“Esther asked me questions I didn’t realize were important in building a brand.
I like that she gave me simple tips on what I can do to have a more consistency across all my social media platforms and the additional designs she did for me, customized for each platform, enhanced my existing logo and tagline beautifully!
She is also very approachable, with very fast response time. I highly recommend her services!”
Bingz Huang
Bingz HuangSelf-Love Coach at bingzhealinghands.me
“Thank you for the most excellent Brand Integrity session. It has inspired me, helping me see the strengths of what I have, and, in very practical ways, where I can work to greatly improve my website.
Esther converted her observations and experience using my website in excellent (practical and simple) suggestions of how I can make it even better and clearer, so it fulfills its purpose more efficiently, becoming more useful and inspiring for my potential clients and students. She did a very detailed study of my pages and content, and ALL her observations were very pertinent and useful!
As a result, I have put into place many of her suggestions and totally changed the theme of my Home page, and am very inspired to continue working on it. I feel so inspired by what we did so far, that I am looking forward to following up with more session, as I implement the changes and move further! Thank you, Esther!!”
Ruth Toledo Altschuler
Ruth Toledo AltschulerFlower Essence & Voice Dialogue Practitioner at essencementoring.com