Welcome to the Fifty Shades of Gender Podcast!

Or rather, the PODCAST PREVIEW 🙂

This is where the podcast will live. But, before we commit to podcast hosting and go all pro (with intro music and all that jazz), here are our first interviews for you to listen to.

We will give each episode its own page, which will include video (with static image), audio player (if possible) and a transcript, as well as a bio of the person interviewed and a summary of what we talked about.

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A conversation with Kit Rackley

Pronouns: They/them


Duration: 44 minutes approx.

Recorded 5 February 2019

We talk about labels, gender presentation, parenting roles, the journey of gender discovery, USA thrift stores, San Francisco, Harry Potter, feminism and privilege.

“The confidence I was having and being surrounded by lovely, open-minded affirming people who just let you be who you were was the most powerful feeling I’ve felt in a very long time.”

Kit Rackley is an ex-Geography high school teacher, now working as an education and program officer for a non-profit that promotes and facilitates collaboration between the climate and energy sectors. In their spare time, Kit is a passionate educator, blogger, author and performer – focusing on environmental and LGBT+ issues. Although in their mid-30s, Kit only recently discovered their gender identity. They openly share their experience to add visibility to the trans community and help educate others on trans issues.

You can find out more about Kit on their website, geogramblings.com, and on Twitter, @geogramblings. They recently performed their piece ‘A River Called Gender’ at Norwich Pride.